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Welcome to
Helping you build your beautiful garden in a sustainable way.

This website is a non-profit, impartial information service.
It has been created to help you find out the environmental consequences of using particular landscaping products and services.
We live in a world that is under extreme threat from the way we are using its resources. Hopefully this website can help you make better choices. ​
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How to use this website

This website will provide you with the information you need on various materials you can encounter in landscaping. 



- These hyperlinks will take you to the reference we are using to support the information.

Who are we?


This website is a service the garden design company Glorious Gardens Sussex that is located in Brighton, England; offers completely free of commercial interest to ensure the information you need to garden sustainably is given to you in an unbiased and simple fashion. It was very hard to find objective information about the environmental impacts of the garden materials we were using. We decided to set this website up as a response. It is created on a voluntary basis without any advertising funds. 

Tree Removal

Important to note...

It is key to mention that there is a lot of information on the sustainability of gardening materials out there, but a lot of this is attached to a company whose intent is to persuade you to buy something. This makes it hard to tell if the information is 100% genuine, made harder by the fact that any sources used are hardly ever referenced (something this website offers). Whilst researching, it was astonishing to see the lack of unbiased data, with online commercial companies overwhelming the internet searches. 


Due to the voluntary nature of this website, we haven't currently been able to cover every material , and in some cases, we have generalised.

Members of the public are invited to contact us at with feedback regarding the website. However, as the site is run by volunteers, it may take a while to reply to you, but we will try and reply to you as soon as possible.

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